NYCFC's eSports athlete advances to FUT Championship Grand Final

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Christopher Holly - NYCFC - eSports

Courtesy of New York City FC Communications

New York City FC’s first-ever eSports athlete Chris Holly is off to a dream start with his new club.

Holly is primed for a trip to Germany to compete in the FUT Championship Grand Final after winning the FUT Championship Series North American Division title in the Playstation 4 bracket this past weekend in Vancouver.

In addition to punching his ticket to the big dance, his victory spoils also included a $ 20,000 grand prize. Just a couple weeks after signing with NYCFC, Chris is already well on his way to bringing home international silverware for his club.

After suffering a defeat in the opening round of the knockout stage and being pushed down to a second bracket, Holly fought his way back through the field and earned a berth in the final. His opponent? None other than “REIN10,” the player who handed him his early defeat. 

Before the knockout bracket contest began, Holly’s first hurdle was the group stage, which he cleared comfortably. After tripping up in the first match of bracket play, Holly turned heads by carving a path through the rest of his competition.

That culminated in two consecutive victories over REIN10 to lock down the Divisional title and his trip to the FUT Championship in Berlin. This earned Holly yet another accolade, as no other competitor has ever won the tournament coming out of the lower bracket. 

Holly’s next big challenge will take him to Europe next month, where he’ll face off against some of the best FUTers in the world on May 19 and 20. If he can pull off another amazing title run there, he’ll grace New York City FC with their first ever international trophy. Not a bad haul for a new signing. 

If you want to experience the action and root for Chris as he reps NYCFC in FIFA 17, the FUT Championship will be streamed live from Berlin on

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