Berlusconi wanted to sell AC Milan to an Italian investor

The brother of former AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has revealed that his sibling wanted to leave the club in the hands of Italian ownership.

This month, his long and largely successful spell at the helm of the Rossoneri came to an end as Berlusconi sold Milan to Yonghong Li and his investment group.

Paolo Berlusconi has now confessed that it was not the way that his brother wanted his tenure to come to an end.


“It was his wish to hand the club over to a Milanese businessman, or an Italian at the very least,” Paolo Berlusconi told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “However nobody came forward.

“That is unfortunate because there could have even been some discounts in the purchase if that had been the case.”

Berlusconi also claimed that the former Italian Prime Minister is still hurting over the sale and that his health problems in recent years contributed to him having a diminished role with the Diavolo.

“My brother is very sad,” he added. “AC Milan was always a matter of heart and not business for him. We knew that soon or later the sale would materialise but in reality you are never quite prepared to face that scenario.

“Not after 31 years. The days of the operation on his heart played an important role and he sent us a video message after that when he promised that he would have more time for family.”

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